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The Changing Format of Video

vhs taped dvd

Did you know that manufacturers are no longer making VCRs? Although most technology classrooms include the ability to play a VHS tape, the format is now a legacy technology. Find out what you can do today to preserve your tapes and ensure you can play your content tomorrow.

Take time to find alternate source material

Get it on DVD.

Many videos are available on DVD. Check with the library or online retailer to see what your options are.

Find video online.

Download movies and video via iTunes or other content provider. Sites such as YouTube host more than just music videos and kittens on pillows. Bookmark clips and desired content, embed them in your presentation or download them to your computer. Check out this useful help article for more info about playing streaming web video in the classroom.

Transfer your content

Outsource it.

If you have video on tape that you have recorded yourself or is not available in another format, you can transfer your content to DVD or digital file. Numerous providers in the area will transfer content for a fee. Check out this vendor list of Dub and Transfer Services in the Bay Area.

Do it yourself.

Instructors, GSIs and departments can check out a DVD recorder from ETS to use for transferring course materials. Put in your request here.

Don't know where to start? Request a consultation with a classroom technologist to ask questions and discuss ways of integrating technology and course materials.

Start over

In some cases, you may want to start from scratch. ETS loans video cameras, microphones and tripods to instructors on a project or semester basis. Put in your request here and check out this useful help article to find out what to do with your video content.



Taking the time to prepare and test ahead of time, ensures smooth presentations and efficient use of class time. Should problems arise, you can always contact ETS for help.

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