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Scott Vento presented at this workshop, offered by the local district of the CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) and held at Stanford University. The workshop invited web communications professionals from Stanford and UC Berkeley to discuss strategies and best practices for using the web and web-related technologies to advance university goals and to engage key constituencies. Scott spoke on free distribution of lecture recordings and other academic content online.
Staff in Action -- Jan 13, 2011
CASE, webcast
Katsu Shigeta, PhD, a visiting scholar from the University of Tokyo, spent the last 6 months studying ETS as an organization that supports teaching and learning utilizing educational technology, and the current status of Open Educational Resources in the US. In this blog post, he reflects on his activities and experiences during his stay.
Article -- Mar 8, 2010
With millions of views in 2009, Berkeley's webcast program is a major contributor of open educational content to a worldwide audience.
Article -- Jan 7, 2010
Benjamin Hubbard, Manager, webcast.berkeley, presented the rich tradition of weblectures at UC Berkeley and how the Opencast Matterhorn project may make it easier than ever to initiate weblectures at your institution.
Staff in Action -- Dec 14, 2009
Mara Hancock presented this session along with Joshua D. Baron (Marist College) and Jennifer Stringer (Stanford).
Staff in Action -- Dec 14, 2009
After a great deal of coordination and pre-event planning, it happened. At around 5:30AM on Monday, October, 12th several ETS staff members awoke to news that would guarantee a very busy day ahead, Oliver Williamson a UC Berkeley professor had been awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics.
Article -- Oct 13, 2009
This article describes the steps required for individuals with a campus sponsor to have their event video published to YouTube
Help Topic -- Sep 30, 2009
Listing of standard recording and distribution formats for webcast.berkeley/courses and webcast.berkeley/events content.
Help Topic -- Aug 24, 2009
A media release form signed by the primary subjects (lecturers, instructors, panelists, speakers, moderators, introducers, etc.) of media recordings must be on file with webcast.berkeley (ETS) before the associated media recordings are published to webcast.berkeley and/or affiliated distribution sites such as iTunes U and YouTube. The University of California requires all presenters who appear in a broadcast program to sign a media release form. ETS is not authorized to publish content until all media releases have been received and validated. Signed media releases may be faxed to 510-643-9221 or scanned as PDFs and emailed to If faxing, please confirm your submission by sending an email to If the event involves multiple speakers, please batch all signed media releases and submit to ETS in a single transmission. To facilitate the verification process, please include the order number on all documents and email correspondence.
Help Topic -- Aug 12, 2009
An explanation of webcast.berkeley's distribution partnership with YouTube.
Help Topic -- Aug 3, 2009
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