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This form will help guide you in submitting information about your YouTube videos and playlist to ETS.
Help Topic -- Jan 11, 2012
This form will help guide you in submitting information about your YouTube video to ETS.
Help Topic -- Jan 11, 2012
Over the Summer 0f 2011 webcast.berkeley upgraded its aging infrastructure to better serve our viewers. We have completed the migration of roughly 170 courses collections that had to be taken off-line as part of this upgrade process. These courses are now available in the "Classic Courses" section of UC Berkeley on iTunes U.
Announcement -- Aug 29, 2011
Using the wireless microphone for podcast courses
Help Topic -- Aug 10, 2011
Tips and Techniques for Presenting a Course Podcast or Screencast.
Help Topic -- Aug 5, 2011
Policies and procedures related to webcast.berkeley content and publishing.
Help Topic -- Jul 19, 2011
A Chronicle of Higher Education article examining trends in videos posted by colleges featured an inspiring moment from UC Berkeley's 2011 commencement as the most watched video on YouTube EDU.
Article -- Jul 6, 2011
In response to the overwhelming outcry from viewers around the globe regarding our new site and the unavailability of webcast.berkeley's retired course lecture series we'd like to outline the state of our program, what's changed, what we've done in response to our viewer requests, what we will be doing over the coming months, and what you may able to do to help restore access to retired course lectures.
Article -- Jul 1, 2011
ETS launches a brand new webcast.berkeley site, making it easier to get to the videos you are looking for.
Article -- Jun 30, 2011
webcast.berkeley featured in a new book as one of six case studies examining "How and Why Leading Universities are Opening Up Access to Their Courses."
Article -- Feb 1, 2011
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