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Editing Information about your Site with Site Info


This article shows you how to edit information about your site using the Site Info tool.

Editing Information about your Site

Step 1: In your site, from the menubar, click Site Info.

Step 2: Click Edit Site Information.

Step 3: In the Site Title field, edit the title of your site.

Step 4: In the Description field, type information that you want displayed in your site's Site Information box.

Step 5: For more information about adding content to the Site Information box, see Adding Content to the Site Information Box.

Step 6: If your site is publicly joinable, in the Short description field, type information that you want displayed when your site appears in the list of joinable sites.

Step 7: Type the appropriate information in the Site Contact Name and Site Contact Email fields, and then click Continue.

Step 8: On the confirmation screen, click Finish. To cancel your changes, click Cancel. After editing any portion of your site, the time and date of the latest modification will be shown under the title of your site next to Modification date.

Things to Consider

  • To complete the procedures in this document, you must be assigned a role having the necessary permissions. To determine your role, follow the directions under "Determining Your Role" in Participant Roles. For a basic understanding of roles and permissions see the links at the top of that page.
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