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Printing Information

Printing at the facilities is optional at any time and will use any available funds on your Cal 1 Card account. NOTE: Black and white pages printed to the color print queue will still cost $.70 per page.

1 black & white page (single-sided)= $0.08
1 black & white page (double-sided)= $0.11
color page (single-sided) = $0.70

You can add printing credit via your Cal 1 Card at any time. We encourage you to be resourceful and aware of the environmental issues of paper waste. Please take the necessary steps to spell check and preview your work before you print. In an effort to conserve resources, all printers in the facilities now default to duplex (double-sided) printing. You may check your print history and paper credit through the Cal 1 Card page.

Color Laser Printers (available at LSMF and MMF) print on high resolution paper stock. You may use your own photo or resume paper by selecting "Manual Feed" when printing. W&MF no longer allows printing on transparency sheets. No manual feeding is permitted in the regular laser printers at any time. No special paper (letterhead, colored paper, envelopes) is allowed to be loaded in the trays of the regular laser printers at any time. See the consultant on duty for assistance.

Print jobs are limited to 20 pages or at a time - large documents must be broken into separate, smaller jobs to avoid cancellation. Large files (primarily large PDFs or those that contain many graphics) will be automatically moved to the back of the print queue by the consultant on duty if the document severely delays printing for other users in the facilities. We suggest that you print these types of files during non-peak usage in the facilities, or separate the document into smaller print jobs.

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