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Uploading Files to Resources


This document will demonstrate how to add a file to a worksite's Resources tool. You can add PDFs, Word documents, images, audio/video clips, and other types of files.

To add the resources tool to your site follow these directions.

Uploading a File to Resources

Step 1: Click on the Resources tool in the menubar.

Step 2: Click the Add drop-down to the right of the target folder. 

Step 3: From the Add dropdown menu choose Upload Files. 

Step 4: Click Browse to select a file to upload.

Step 5: Using your computer's file system, choose the file that you would like to open.

Step 6: Enter a title for the file in the Display Name field and an optional description can be added by clicking the Add details for this item. It is recommended you make the folder name as descriptive as possible. Folder descriptions do not appear on the main Resource page, and thus will not be seen by members of your bSpace site without clicking an additional Properties link next to the folder.

Step 7: Choose the file's copyright status from the dropdown menu in the Copyright Status field (if any).

Step 8: Click the checkbox to display a copyright alert.

Step 9: To make the file accessible to anyone accessing bSpace, click the checkbox in front of This file is publicly viewable. You can also choose Availability at this time. By default the file will Show, but you can also to choose to Hide or Specify Dates.

Step 10: Use the Email Notification dropdown to choose the type of email notification you want worksite participants to receive.

Step 11: When you are finished, click the Upload Files Now button.

The file now appears in the list of Resources. If you chose to display the copyright notification, the copyright symbol will be visible next to the file name.

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