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VGA Adapter for Mac Display

If you plan on connecting a Macintosh laptop to the installed technology in your classroom, a VGA adapter is needed. One end of the adapter will connect to your laptop while the other end will connect to the VGA cable, which is provided in the classroom. There are many different types of adapters that correlate to specific models of Macintosh laptops.


 1st Ed. Silver MacBook Pro, and 15” & 17” PowerBook G4

 DVI connectionDVI connection

 All Pre-Fall 2009 Black/White MacBooks & 12” PowerBook G4

 Mini DVI connectionMini DVI connection

 1st Ed. MacBook Air

Micro DVI connection

 iBook G4

Mini VGA connection Mini VGA connection

30 Pin-VGA

iPad 2 or later
iPhone 4S
[video out only on: iPad (1st gen), iPhone 4, or iPod touch (4th gen)]


iPad with Retina display
iPad mini
iPhone 5
iPod touch (5th gen)
Thunderbolt Port

All Macbook Pro and Air laptops from mid-2008 to the present and the white Macbook laptop starting in Fall of 2009. 2011 models are labelled as Thunderbolt ports but the connector is the same. This adapter is installed in every general assignment classroom.

Mini Display connection Mini Display connection

VGA Cable with current mac adapterVGA Cable with current mac adapterCurrently ETS provides a VGA cable and Mini-Displayport adapter in all general assignment classrooms. ETS does not provide other types of VGA adapters in the classrooms or as a checkout item. Because adapters are device specific, it is up to each user to purchase one to use in the classroom.

Some varieties can be purchased at the Cal Student Store in the Martin Luther King Jr. Building at the corner of Bancroft Way and Telegraph Avenue. Mac VGA adapters can also be purchased online through the Apple website, and ETS has had success finiding HDMI & Displayport to VGA adapters via Amazon.

When buying the specific adapter for your laptop, if possible it is best to bring the laptop to the store to find the exact adapter. Remember, one end of the adapter needs to be VGA in order to work in our classrooms.

Have a PC or other device that needs an adapter? See this digital display output help article to find out about other types.

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