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Grading Messages in Forums


This article shows you how to grade messages in Forums.

Grading a Message in Forums

Step 1: In your site's menubar, click Forums.

Step 2: Click the title of the desired topic.

Step 3: Find and click the individual message to grade, and then click Grade. Alternatively, you can click the title of the thread or Display Message Content, and then, under an individual message, click Grade.

Step 4: In the popup menu select the gradebook item to associate with the post you are grading (if you haven't already associated a gradebook item with this topic, in which case it will be automatically selected for you). Enter the grade point value and a comment (if you wish).

Step 5: When you're finished, click Submit Grade.

You may also get to this popup menu by clicking Statistics & Grading from the main Forums page, finding the name of the student whose post you wish to grade and clicking Grade next to the post you wish to grade.

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