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Unread Messages and Forums


In My Workspace there is an area called Unread Messages and Forums. This area shows you any unread messages or forum posts from any of the sites you belong too.

Viewing Unread Messages or Forum Posts

If there are unread messages or forum posts a linked number will appear next to the course name for which there are unread messages or forum posts. Click this link to view the unread messages or forum posts.

Changing Options

Alternatively you may change options for displaying unread messages and forums. To change your options click the Options link in Unread Messages and Forums.

Under Don't Show click the checkboxes next to the sites whose unread messages and forums you do not wish to see in this area in the future.When you are finished click the Update button.

Sites that are hidden will not appear in this area regardless. To unhide site and allow unread messages and forums from those sites to appear in this area see Showing, Hiding, and Ordering Course and Project Sites.